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It was after the session with Pamela that a few days later things started coming together. My life has transformed since that day. My depression has subsided. Sometimes I didn't think I was going to get through losing almost my whole family in a ten month time span.. It was a tough journey. I am forever grateful for the reading I had with Pamela that day. Grateful to God and my loved ones watching over me.


Thanks to Pamela I now have a fresh perspective for past, present and future.

Message: Due to family trauma, mixed messages, false perceptions and differing personalities I didn’t believe that there was anyone on the other side that would wish to communicate with me. Boy was I wrong. My fiancee had a read with Pamela and the first person through was a member of my family which blew me away. To help me face my fears my fiancee booked and paid for a reading with Pamela for me. The reading and the rewards continue to astound me. The most fantastic reward being my being able to pay it forward by organising a read for my friend Kate. This read enabled her to connect with her much loved daughter and mum. Although this read is very recent it has provided an immediate sense of comfort and peace that Kate had not been able to find previously. Pamela, the universe is truly grateful for the work you are doing. Those whose lives have been touched by you are blessed indeed.

—With love, Louise (Dunedin, New Zealand)


"Gratitude for my reading with Pamela I received a reading from Pamela recently and it was more out of curiosity than a need to make a connection with anyone in my family who has passed. My parents, my siblings and friends are still alive and well in the physical world. However the gift I received from my reading with Pamela brought me out of the debilitating depression that I had been in and out of over the last 20 years. This gift didn't materialize until after the reading and it came like a bolt out of the blue. I have been to many gifted physiatrists and counsellors over the years but it was Pamela who was instrumental in guiding me into a world where I don't wake up most days and feel sad and depressed. She gave me a number of validations but I didn't really need them as I know she is a messenger lent to us from God and she is here to hep guide us in our journey. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to talk with her and resume my life that had been disrupted and derailed through addictions, a marriage breakup and a nasty brain tumor. God bless you Pamela. "

— Mark from New Zealand

“My first read with Pamela blew me away. There were many questions answered and breadcrumbs for me to follow. I became a medium’s medium that day and booked a session for my husband, sister and I to attend. What a wonderful gift to give to your family. Further questions answered, many validations and a beautiful change from hope to knowing that the spirit world is watching you, communicating with you and guiding you. In the last few weeks I have found inner peace, forgiveness and intrigue into learning to communicate with my loved ones on the other side. Thank you so much Pamela for sharing your gift with others. You are one woman who can change the world and make our journey so much more rich. God Bless you ~”

— Heidi

“My daughter and I went to see Pamela Theresa and it absolutely changed my daughter. She had so many unanswered questions, and with Pamela’s help she got what she needed. She helped me get closure also. I loved the experience and will be going back to see her. Thank you Pamela for all you do to help people.”

— Teresa

“Today, I was blessed to have a reading with Pamela Theresa. I have had many losses in the last 5 years and was feeling very disconnected from spirit but not anymore. Pamela was able to relay powerful messages of validation from my loved ones. Through her I was able to see clearly how they are still aware and involved in my family’s life. She was able to deliver exactly what my loved ones knew I needed to hear in order to heal. I am so grateful to have been led to her and her amazing gift. I would recommend her to anyone dealing with the pain and grief of loss.”

— Marianne B July 2015

“Pamela is an amazing and intriguing person! She “tunes in” immediately and will catch you by surprise. I can’t explain it, but, she truly has a gift and is full of positive energy. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to talk to a medium, Pamela is the one. You immediately feel like you have a friend that you’ve known for years. She has helped countless of people thru their darkest moments. I’ve recommended her many times to friends, who have recommended her to friends, and so on!”

— Kim

“When Cathy and I met you for our reading, we felt like we have known you forever and was at ease talking with you. I came to you feeling alone since my Mom’s passing 3 years ago and not knowing if she was OK. After the Reading I felt a heavy weight lift from me and the World seems a lot brighter now she is always around me. Cathy and I feel you are the real deal because you hit everything on the head and could not have known these things without hearing it from our loved ones. We feel you truly do this to help people reconnect with their love ones and really enjoy it and we enjoyed the time together. You are a sweet and loving Person, Love You”

— David and Cathy

“I had my first reading with Pamela Theresa a year and a half ago after I lost my only child. I’d never been to a medium before and had no idea what to expect, except for what I’d seen on television. Immediately I felt comfortable with her. She gets it. She understands our grief and doesn’t sugarcoat it. Pamela shared things with me that day, things there are just no way she could’ve known. Some things didn’t make any sense at the time, but days/weeks down the road...BAM! She was right. For example, she described a ring in great detail that I wasn’t familiar with. Two weeks later I found the ring and it was exactly as she described. I wear it all the time now. Since that first visit with Pamela I was hooked and decided to see what a few other area mediums had to offer. There was just no comparison. Pamela is the real deal. Since that first reading I’ve found my way ( or was nudged by spirit ) back to her several times because she is the one I trust with my heart. She has an amazing gift to offer to those who need validation that life continues on the other side of this one.”

— Pam St. Augustine

“This is unbelievable, or maybe not. I was validated on Saturday after our session. You were so spot on, even though I was a little in denial of what spirit was saying. There is NO WAY you could have known what my thoughts were. To be brief, you said my dad (my spiritual guide) showed a helicopter. That evening, I was outside with a neighbor and DANG a helicopter flew overhead. (NO JOKE). I’m a believer. And my neighbor had a connection with the owl, but I will let her tell you that tale. True story...”

— Valerie

“Pamela was referred to me by someone I work with who has been a client and friend of hers for quite awhile. The timing was good as I had a personal loss and unanswered questions about what to do with their ashes. Pamela was extremely professional, knowledgable, sensitive and I could feel that she has a kind soul. Several relatives came through during my reading and there was no question in my mind based on the things she was saying that no one else would ever know, that her gift is solid and strong. It was an extremely good experience and I would go to her again.”

— SM

“Hi Pamela. During our reading you mentioned someone in a red checked shirt. I came home and told my daughter N law and she pointed to a picture on the wall of my son in a red checked shirt exactly as you described it. Your amazing....I have had much validation Pamela. You speak of beautiful gifts but I believe one of those beautiful gifts my husband gave me was giving me a connection with you. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason and everyone that walks through our life and is placed there for a reason. You were placed into my life when I was in doubt about a lot things and gave me validation to many questions . For this I am truly thankful to you and will always call you my friend. Thank you for being a great soul.”

— Wanda

“What a OUTSTANDING Medium in the Raw and Local Haunts last night. koodoos. That Green Cove Animal Hospital was amazing footage!!!! wow. and your group read brought me to tears. Miss you both. love ya!!!”

— Sherri

“Simply amazing show tonight. My readings have been such blessings! So grateful for you and that Spirit guided me in your direction. It is still so easy to fall back asleep, but watching the show helps. You are truly a beautiful soul for sharing your gift. Xoxo”

— Susan

“Pamela is a very open and honest person. She is a very caring person. When I had the pleasure to speak with her I was totally shocked. When we talked it was as if we had known each other for a life time. I’m thankful that she was able to help my family in a time of so much pain. I would recommend Pamale to anyone that has a broken heart from a loved one passing. She is the real deal.. God Bless!”

— Shari

“I was blessed to do a workshop with Pamela! Following the bread crumb trail! She was just amazing! I loved the class, we had a great time & I watched the connections being made & the Souls being touched deeply in the room. So very exciting! Much thanks to Pamela & Steve! love you guy’s!”

— Cindy

“Pamela is and has been a wonderful teacher, confident, and guide. I have experienced the gift of having a conversation with my lovely father who passed in 2001. I have come to her for help and guidance in my own spiritual path for many years and she has taught me so much, helped me through so many hurdles. Words simply fall short in trying to voice my gratitude for having met Pamela and experience her gift of mediumship.”

— Toni

“Thank you for a wonderful and insightful evening. You brought peace and understanding to all of us.”

— Lisa

“My daughter is the one that introduced me to Pamela. She went first and after I heard her reading. I was hooked on going by myself. My daughter has gone 2 times and I have gone 3 times. Of course you really need to have a digital recorder with you because you could NEVER remember the things she brings up. Pamela is a very gifted person. She gave us so many validations I could not count them. She has brought me out of a deep depression and has helped my daughter as well. We both intend to keep seeing her in the future. There is no way possible she could have known the information she gave us. We are so grateful that we met her. ”

— Linda 12/12/2015

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