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Call:  904-238-4359 for information and scheduling a session with Pamela Theresa.

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How the Session works:  Pamela Theresa will come to you for the session.Private Session:  $200 per hour.
Group Sessions $100 per person.


Q:  Can I record the session with Pamela Theresa?
A:  Absolutely, in fact it is highly encouraged.

Q:  Can I go to Pamela Theresa for the session?
A:  At this time, Pamela does not have a studio space,  and most clients do enjoy the convenience of Pamela coming to them.  However, Pamela is in the process of securing a new location for her sessions.

Q:  Can I share my session with another person?
A:  Yes, you may share your private 1 hour session with 1 additional person, however, more than 1 guest , it would be $100 per person.  For example:  If you have two additional guests attend your session it would then become a group session and $100 per person, and also the session would then be a 90 minute session.