What we are doing: Prayers for Jesse Heavenly Traveler Journals

UPDATE ON MY SON JESSE: So many of you have been so very kind and supportive with prayers and guidance and help.. I wanted to let you know we are so very thankful. If you missed the first post, where I shared what is going on with Jesse (he has stage 4 throat cancer) here is the original post

You may remember that I shared with yall that we are creating special Heavenly Traveler Journals to earn money to help my son financially... He really has a hard time with handouts, he wants to contribute :) . So, he is busy cutting out papers for these beautiful Heavenly Travelers..


I am going to call this collection "Prayers for Jesse" . Last night I went live and shared with you the process of making the Heavenly Travelers.. if you would like to watch me at work, here is the link to the live video:

https://www.facebook.com/MediumPamelaTheresa/videos/707343016305567/ .

So many of yall have contacted me behind the scenes and asked me if there is a way you can contribute to help, because of that I came up with an idea... Jesse is 32, he was born in 1986, that being said I have created a paypal link for those of you who feel guided to help me help Jesse, and the amount is $19.86 :) . Here is the link if you would like to contribute..


every penny matters! Remember, I am not a non profit, I am a mamma helping her son regain his life after battling cancer and losing everything in the process... Love you all so very much! Have a most beautiful Saturday! Pamela