The Story Behind the Story My Son Jesse and Stage 4 Throat Cancer


CALLING ALL ANGELS FOR HELP! As some of you may know, my oldest son Jesse has stage 4 throat cancer. He is 32 years old. He has done all of the treatment and we are in the "wait and see" time. He is NOT in remission. Let me tell you a little about Jesse.. he was a hardworking employee of Comcast for 12 years, he worked his way up to the tech department. He is very loved by that company. Unfortunately, the time came where they had to make the decision to let him go and that was almost a year ago. He was passing out on the job, etc.. it was a safety issue for Jesse and they knew it. He did get his 401 moneys, but unfortunately that was eaten up by paying for his health insurance cobra which has now run out. He is without health insurance at this time and can not get medicaid, they denied him. Go figure. He also applied for SS back in January and played through the red tape nightmare and is actually a Terry case I think its called, which means they should have not denied him. But they did. Records show that he paid into SS benefits of 100 thousand dollars, like I said, real hard worker. We have hired an attorney, and he WILL get SS. It will just take time. He truly is disabled, and we are working to help him find another career and hopefully he can go to school. Because of the radiation he has lost his teeth and although we tried to raise funds to get his teeth fixed we have learned it will cost 20 to 30 thousand because he needs an oral surgeon it is bad and has been terribly painful. I have worked hard to help him financially, but you know being a medium you just do not get rich (a true medium that is) . My daughter will tell you, I give way too much away.. lol just look at my Patreon... lol all the moneys earned from subscription have gone back into me making the Heavenly Travelers to gift to my Patrons.. shipping costs.. Anyway, I digress. My son needs a place to live. Right now where he is living is under construction and although his landlord has been kind, we have had issues paying on time. Full disclosure. He has an emotional support animal, a beautiful hound dog named Dee, and she has to stay with him. She keeps him solid. Many of you may not know but going through the hell of cancer and treatment will tear a person down to the core, depression is something that hits hard.. it is just so hard to get back up after the trauma of the hardcore treatment.. then only to wait and see. I am paying Jesse's bills right now and I need to find him a place to live, I NEED YOUR HELP. Now if you are reading this, please do not suggest anything other than you know a person with a place. Believe me, I have looked high and low, and what I need right now is "knowing someone". Full disclosure... I have created a job for my son helping me with the Heavenly Traveler Notebooks, this way we can earn the money to pay for his bills. So know this, when I put them up for sale, your purchase is actually paying to help my son. Please help as best you can. Also, if you missed the episode of Medium in the Raw that aired on CW17 talking about what happened to him.. you can watch it right here:

You can text me at 904-238-4359 if you know anyone who can help me find Jesse's new place to live. You may wonder why he is not living with me.. the answer is straight up... It has been bad enough everything that has happened to him. He is a very independent person, I am working hard to help him maintain as much independence as possible. Also, we live on the southside, so that is much preferable as I am picking him up on the regular so he can make the Heavenly Travelers. Love you all very much, and thank you so much for your love and support.Pamela Theresa