This is My Medium Life | Spiritual Grace

This is My Medium Life
with Pamela Theresa, 
Medium in the Raw




Spiritual Grace…….

Is not reserved for a few.

Coming to peace…..and knowing you are loved….

This is for everyone.

Even though the one you love is on the other side…

You can find peace in knowing you are loved in return.

Understand that love transcends beyond the veil of death.

Death is simply a rebirth.

We are all spiritual beings.

Life is simply temporary….. To our eternal souls.

We all come to this earth for a reason.

We all have a purpose.

And our life is spent finding and fulfilling that purpose.

It’s the positive things that we do that affect others that matters.

How can we change the world? And leave it a better place?

You can find a positive in every negative..

Understand that it is from pain that we truly grow.

It can define us and make us who we were meant to be.

Sometimes sacrifice is required.

Understanding all of that….will bring you peace….

It will bring you spiritual grace.

I'm Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw

Poem Written by Steve Christian and Pamela Theresa