My Medium Life | The Unkindness of Many -- The Help of One

Please read this writing with the knowledge that this is a journaling of My Medium Life.. pay no mind to the errors, grammar, spelling etc... this is written raw, and proof read very little.  It truly is the message that matters...

The Unkindness of Many and the Help of One


I know this much, every life matters and we do touch the world one life at a time, and at one point in time in my life, I was that one life and when I was helped it totally changed my world and the world of my children.  

Several years ago I was left abandoned by my husband of 20 years. He walked out on our family into the arms of another woman.  I was a stay-at-home mom and my children and I were left nearly homeless and penniless.  If it were not for the help of strangers, family, and friends, I don't know where we would be to this day and I always include them in my prayers, thanking them for all they had done for us.  I will never forget their many kindnesses.

I start this writing sharing this knowledge with you to give you a back story and to help you understand the messages I want to share with you today.   Through sharing my experiences I guess you could say I'm coming out of the closet and really going deep and sharing my heart.

Today started as an ordinary Monday and for me an ordinary morning. My days always start with the spirit world's communication with me and talking to me about what I could do with my life now and offering solutions to my open prayer of finding a way to touch as many lives as possible through my gifts and work as a medium.  

If you have followed me for a while now, you know that I teach about the spiritual breadcrumb trail and how the spirit world will use the physical world around us to communicate.  

This is a most powerful tool if one would like to reach the other side and have a communication with their loved ones who are in spirit.  Even as a medium the spirit world uses the spiritual breadcrumb trail to communicate with me as well.  It makes perfect sense, after all it is my job to teach everyone that this communication exists.  Therefore, as a teacher of the spiritual breadcrumb trail I must utilize it as well.  

I have thought many times over that it would be so simple to cut out the middleman of the spiritual breadcrumb trail and go directly to spirit, after all, I can see, feel and hear them.   I don't need the spiritual breadcrumb trail.  However, in order to teach it effectively I must use it in my life everyday. 

This morning the spirit world was talking to me about 360 and the meaning of 360.  They were sharing with me that coming back full circle is something that everyone does.  It has been a beautiful and interesting journey... just in the few hours that I have been awake and the messages that they have been sharing with me in regards to full circle....

I want to take you back a couple years ago when I was broken and nearly homeless and financially destroyed.

One afternoon I had to pick up my daughter Savannah and  on my way to get her my tire went flat.  I pulled into a gas station to put air in the tire in the hopes that would fix the problem because getting change to put air in the tire was even a struggle.  I had $5 to my name and my gas tank was nearing empty.  I would tell people all of the time that my car got around on a wing and a prayer.   I swear that car floated half the time and it was a damn miracle most of the times that I drove it.   


I learned pretty quick that putting air in the tire was not the solution, because it had a fast leak.  So, on to plan b... I had a donut spare in the back of my car but I did not have a jack.   Now, I live in a big city- Jacksonville Florida, and there must have been a good 20 people at the gas station at the time of my distress.  

I went from person to person asking if they had a jack but they would take one look at me and my piece of crap car...(I really looked like 10 miles of bad road, I was so depressed) I'll never forget I was wearing a yellow sundress and flip-flops, no makeup-- it was just me in the raw.  No one knew what I was and that I could hear the thoughts that went through their minds.  This happens to be one of my curses as a sensitive.  If someone is directing a thought towards me, I can hear it as clear as if they are speaking it, and the thoughts that were going through these people were of judgement.  It was actually quite surreal.  I could hear the thoughts of each and every person who I asked if they had a jack to help me-- well they did have a jack, but they lied straight to my face.  They would not help a stranger in need, and so quickly it did run through my mind... What would Jesus think right now?  These folks, men and women alike would not help a stranger in need.  It was so unbelievable, it was as if time stood still... It was like a dream.   
Iwas beginning to panic because my daughter was expecting me and she did not have a phone, therefore, I had no way of contacting her and I did not want her to worry about me. 


After some time and nothing but rejection,  I went inside of the gas station and asked the attendant if he knew what I could do.  He told me that there was a tire place right behind the gas station and that maybe I should try to go over there.  He was kind and followed me to my car in an effort to try and help me.  He learned what I knew... the tire was not going to hold the air.  He guided me to a tire shop hidden behind some buildings behind the gas station.   

On a wing and a prayer, and a flat tire I went to that tire shop nearly in tears and asked if there was any way that they could help me.  I told them that I only had $5 to fix the tire.   

Her name was Vivian.  What a Beautiful soul.   She ordered her employees to change my tire and put the donut on so I could go get my daughter.   I sat next to her and talked with her while they were changing my tire.  I learned her story.  She was such a beautiful person.  I learned that she has some beautiful people on the other side.  I shared with her a little bit of who I was, she was so kind and to this day when I think of her I say a prayer of gratitude for her.   I am certain that if I had shared with her that $5 dollars was all I had, she would not have taken my money but I wanted to pay her, I had so much gratitude that she helped me, I wanted to return what I could. 

This morning as Steven and I we're mapping out our day, a stranger came up to our door and asked if we had a jack.   As we were looking for a jack Steven suggested that we put air in her tire as we have an air pump, so she could make it to the tire shop.   So, we did.  As Steven was filling her tire with air, she mentioned she only had $5. Steven noticed her problem, a nail in her tire, and told her he knew a place that would take care of her and plug it.  It brought me back to that time almost five years ago when I was left stranded and interesting as it is the tire shop we referred her to is the very tire shop that Vivian owns-- for it is right down the road from where we live right now.  

I am sure... this breadcrumb trail will continue... Love you... Pamela Theresa