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Since they met in 2012, Steve Christian and Pamela Theresa have led the effort to educate thousands who are interested in learning about life after life by delivering evidence through the filming of Local Haunts and Medium in the Raw.  They are at the forefront of the paranormal community as a guiding force to teach everyone that there is an absolute connection and communication with the spirit worlds.


Thier Mission

To touch the world one life at a time, one read at a time, one paranormal investigation a time.  To enlighten and bring to the awareness that this connection and communication does exist.


It was after the session with Pamela that a few days later things started coming together. My life has transformed since that day. My depression has subsided. Sometimes I didn’t think I was going to get through losing almost my whole family in a ten month time span.. It was a tough journey. I am forever grateful for the reading I had with Pamela that day. Grateful to God and my loved ones watching over me.

Thanks to Pamela I now have a fresh perspective for past, present and future.
— Shirley
“Thank you so much for including me and Joann in your program. Seeing it made me feel like she was here. Love you much. You too Steve!”
— William Fabrizio

What they've Achieved 

  • 100 Episodes of Local Haunts that aired on CW17 Sunday Nights, and continues to air reruns.
  • 40 Episodes of Medium in the Raw that aired on CW17 Sunday Nights and continues to air reruns.
  • 3 Annual Toys for Tots that was free with a donation of a toy.  It was filmed and aired on Medium in the Raw.
  • Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw conducted reads for a live audience at the Alhambra Dinner Theatre, it was also filmed and aired on CW17.
  • Two live shows with Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw and CW17 at the Southern Women's Show Jacksonville, Florida and aired on CW17.
  • Pamela Theresa and Steve Christian, creator and producer, have touched hundreds of thousands of lives through their TV shows Medium in the Raw and Local Haunts that air locally on CW17 in Jacksonville, Florida.  In fact Local Haunts was featured on the SyFy show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, and was proven to be FACT.
  • Two live Paranormal Investigations at The Florida Theatre, Halloween additions.  The Local Haunts Team took their fans on a fun filled historical paranormal journey.
  •  They have been featured in Buzz Magazine, Folio Weekly, First Coast Magazine, The Florida Times Union, First Coast News, The Morning show on News4Jax, and many other online features.