Spiritual Development Course: Spiritual Awareness 360

Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw teaches you how to connect with your loved ones
who are in spirit

Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw

The Spiritual Breadcrumb Trail

I have created this spiritual workshop for everyday people.  As a medium I have worked with thousands of grieving people by delivering to them the messages from their loved ones who are on the other-side.  I've noticed one thing, everyone has communication with their loved ones and it's my job as the medium to bring them into the awareness that this communication exists.  Every single session I have had has revolved around the spiritual breadcrumb trail.  

The spiritual breadcrumb trail, as I like to call it, is your loved ones use of the physical world around you to communicate with you.  As an example: your father died July 3rd.  You start out the day and wake up at the normal time of 7:30am.   As you walk out the door you notice 3 squirrels playing in your yard in an interesting way.  When you turn the radio on it is set to the station 107.3, a station that you don't normally listen to.  When you notice it in the physical, it becomes "3D".  This is your father communicating with you.    My sessions are focused on the fact that everyone can have a communication with the other-side using the spiritual breadcrumb trail, and it is quite effective.  I look forward to connecting you with your loved ones who are on the other-side.  Much Love, Pamela Theresa.

Spiritual Awareness 360 Private Package

Spiritual Awareness 360 is a special spiritual two part session with Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw.  Many have requested of Pamela  to offer this type of service.  She will teach and bring you to the awareness that you too have a connection with your loved ones who are on the other-side.  This spiritual awareness course is also available via phone call or video conference call. All sessions are One-On-One with you and Pamela.

Spiritual Awareness 360 | Session One: One hour session where Pamela delivers messages from the other side.   This is a reading that can be in person or over the phone whereby many messages as well as a detailed spiritual breadcrumb trail will be delivered from the spirit world.  Pamela will teach you how to follow the communication.

Spiritual Awareness 360 | Session Two Phone follow-up session:  One hour phone session with Pamela Theresa.  This is quite possibly the most important session of all, the follow-up to the spiritual bread crumb trail you had been working through with your loved ones who delivered these messages in the first session.  In this session, Pamela will continue to deliver messages from your loved ones who are on the other-side, building upon the initial spiritual breadcrumb trail that was delivered in session one.  You are welcome to book more follow-up sessions.  Each one hour 360 follow-up session is $180, and will pick up where the previous session left off.

The cost of Spiritual Awareness 360 with Pamela Theresa is $360, which covers both 1 hour sessions.  These sessions are private one on one with the option of in person for session one and then session two is a phone session with Pamela Theresa.

What is Spiritual Awareness 360?

Pamela will teach you how to come to the awareness that your loved ones have been communicating with you all along using the physical world around you to lay out a spiritual breadcrumb trail.  It is a journey by which you can follow the intelligent communication that your loved ones use to guide you through your daily life.  This communication has always existed because you are a Divine being, an eternal soul, and the soul powers the body.  You were born into this world quite aware of the spirit world, and then you forgot.  Now, it is time you go back to the initial point of awareness, a full 360.  

These sessions are really not about developing a spirit communication; they are all about a 360° turn.  We are all born with spiritual awareness; as we spend time in the physical world, we forget that part of ourselves. You simply need to come into the awareness that the communication existed all along.  Spiritual Awareness 360 is all about bringing you back to your initial point as a divine eternal being. 


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The Heavenly Traveler Notebook Spiritual Breadcrumb Trail Journals Created By Pamela Theresa