The Metaphysical World of Mis-information

The spiritual world is solution oriented, uplifting and positive.  The messages are always based on fact and truth, and sooner or later will be validated as such.  The validation process is of most importance when working with the spirit world and ones spiritual gifts.

The Metaphysical World of Mis-information Regarding Empaths

It seems that as of late the metaphysical community has jumped on the empath band wagon.  Everyone who considers themselves the expert will write articles articulating all about the empath and also the popular term HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).  I feel it is just another way to sort people, and speak to the ego of those who have now found the spiritual path, and now find the need to label themselves as something unique (although this really is quite unnecessary as each person is truly a unique being of divine creation).  They scour the internet for articles in an attempt to understand their spiritual gifts.  Of course, there is a plethora of so called experts and thousands of articles on the subject.  The spiritual newbie reads these articles and then settles on labeling themselves as something now very special. They feel as though they have found the answers at last. However, in my opinion, these assembly line questions and statements could apply to anyone.  Yet, the newly found sensitive is innocently sucked into it and quite frankly, I feel that it actually makes the truly sensitive person worse off than ever before.  Now they feel victimized by the world and the people around them.  Why? Because they read how they are psychic sponges and how very negative people will ruin their lives.  They read these articles that deliver messages of doom and gloom and how horrible other people are to their energies.  These articles tell the reader they must avoid dark and horrible people and negative energies.  The sensitive emerges themselves in reading these articles that then perpetuates a problem that already exists in them, the problem being that they are overly sensitive.  These articles have an air about them that victimizes the empath and sensitive person.  Then to make matters worse, there are actually tests that you can take that will tell you that you are a empath or HSP.  These tests have questions and statements of supposed fact, which of course is quite silly, I believe, to the intelligent and thinking individual.

I listed some of the common questions and statements you will find in these such articles, and then I will explain why I really feel they are useless. 

  • Do you feel drained?
    • Well, duh, you and everyone else in the world with a family, children, jobs, animals, or simply just breathing and living life.  Life is draining for everyone at times.  This is a question that does not articulate the empath, and I for one, think it is at the top of the list most inadequate question defining and empath, it is too broad and will describe almost anyone who is reading it.  
  • Do you take on others emotions?  
    • Yes, but you and everyone else on the planet.  We are all a soul, a divine spirit in the body with the gifts of feeling the emotions of others.  Everyone possesses this gift of empathy.  Sorry, but this will not make you an empath.  It simply means you have a beautiful heart and care about others, and quite frankly, most people really do care.
  • Do you have stomach problems?
    • Okay, so now these empathic experts are diagnosing what a M.D. is actually supposed to diagnose.  I say all of the time, God made doctors too.  If you are not feeling well, go to the doctor.  Get off the internet.  If you are having stomach problems, let a medical doctor rule out everything first.  There is a time and a place where the sensitive can learn how to blend both worlds, the physical and the spiritual.  Yet, the first course of action should really be a medical doctor.  Jusssayn!  
  • Do you Startle Easily?
    • Do I really need to articulate how silly this question is???
  • Do changes in your life shake you up?
    • ummmmm... duh, yes, but that too will describe just about everyone on the planet.
  • Do you avoid negativity?
    • Doesn't EVERYONE!
  • Do you seek the truth?
    • Again, doesn't everyone think that they do???
  • Do you try to avoid making mistakes or forgetting things?
    • Isn't that just what most humans naturally try and do?

Okay, so I hope I have proved my point as to how silly some of these questions and statements can be, and as you have read, really quite broad and could describe anyone.  I did travel a bit on the net, and did take these questions from actual sites, from actual self proclaimed experts in the field.  Furthermore, I will add that these "experts" then offer up their professional advice as how to handle the challenges of being an empath or highly sensitive person.  Please forgive my tongue in cheek nature, and quippy responses as I share with you why what they offer as a solution will absolutely NOT work for the true empath.

  • Meditation
    • Meditation is great for everyone.  Im not saying meditation is wrong, but I will tell you, it is not the fix for the empath.
  • Working with Crystals
    • Oh boy, as a sensitive, I will tell you, these crystals do mess up my energy bodies. FYI, most people actually use crystals to intensify their spiritual gifts, therefore, why in the heck would I, as an empath want to do that.  My goal was to shut it down, not to intensify the abilities.  My first experience with crystals was horrible, I went to a metaphysical store, and quite innocently bent down over the glass case in an effort to get a good look at all of the beautiful stones, and in that moment, it felt as though my head was instantly being cracked right down the middle.  I almost fell over and cried out as I held my head in my hands.  The assistant behind the counter quickly rushed over to me asking me if everything were okay.  I told her what had happened and she smiled gently and told me that I was a true sensitive, and must be careful because crystals were very powerful energy that were created to intensify ones spiritual gifts.  Now, I am not saying that crystals are bad, and through the years I have found, or rather some have found me, and I know they offer a particular energy of healing.  Yet, I will say this again.  The crystals are not the fix for the empath.
  • Surround yourself with white light or a bubble of white light
    • Where I do say a prayer of protection everyday, and I do ask for the beauty of Gods light to shine upon me and help me to heal.  This is not the fix for the empath.
  • Spend time in Nature and with Animals
    • Of course, we all enjoy the pleasure and peace that mother nature and the animals bring to us.  They offer a special healing which is one of the most powerful healing tools on the earth, yet, once again, this is not the fix for the empath.
  • Avoid Negative People and Negative Situations
    • This is the most laughable of them all.  Anyone who is TRULY and empath understands you can run, but you can never hide from the energies.  Even if one were to escape to the furthest regions of the planet, to a cave, the gift of feel, it is present.  The empath can feel others thousands of miles away.  The true empath will also feel the past, the present and future.  In other words, there is no escape. Furthermore, if one is a true empath, this is a gift from God.  Which, by the way, I believe that everything and everyone are gifts from God, and that the empath is no better than another.   We are all born with a mission and purpose and special gifts, and for the empath, this is their gift, and was given to them to help others.  One must understand that the empathic hits are a tool, a bridge of communication, whereby, it is to be utilized to help the so called negative people. The empath has been given the gift of true understanding.

How do I know this?  Because, I have tried it.  

Several years ago after much struggle of trying to fit into a world through denying my spiritual gifts, and learning that it simply would not work, I succumbed and decided to try and accept my spiritual gifts.  I too was searching to find answers, fixes and cures.   I happened upon these websites.  I was lost, and I tried it all.  These methods simply did not work.  After some time, I decided to actually do what I do, and go to spirit, and ask them for help.  Of course, they did, and I listened.  Spirits methods are always right.  I have learned this great lesson through trial and error.  

The Difference Between the True Empath and being Empathic

Everyone at one time or another has experienced the gift of the empath and has had empathic hits.  Simply put, being empathic, it is the gift of feel.  Everyone posses the gift of feel to one degree or another.  I have been guided to help assist and help others who are sensitives as I am a true empath.  As such, I have filmed hours of evidence to back up my claim through my show Medium in the Raw(Sunday nights at 9pm on CW17 Jax).

Who better to teach about the gift than one who possesses it.  For me, being an empath means that I feel the emotions, and physical pain of the human experience.  As an empath, I feel these experiences of others currently physically alive and of those who are now in the spirit world.  Those who are now in the spirit world did experience physical and emotional pain when they were in the human body.  Those feelings still exist within the eternal time line.  It doesn't mean that they are still experiencing these emotional and physical pains, it simply means these feelings do exist as a part of their eternal existence, and the empath feels it.

The Empath, the True Medium

I am a medium who meets with many who want to connect with their loved ones in spirit.  

The empathic hits during a session will act as a bridge of communication and understanding and validation that the person is indeed the loved one communicating from the other side. As I am a medium, there is a spiritual link that is formed for purposes of the session.  It is the bridge to communicate from the spiritual realm to the physical realm.  As I am a sensitive, (my way of saying I am an empath powerfully linked to the energies of all person, places, and experiences.)  I am also linked to those who are in the physical realm and as such, the empathic hits from the physical and emotional bodies are quite the same as is the case with the spirit world.  It is a spiritual link formed, either way.  Now, some may call this psychic information.  Maybe.  Yet, to know me, you will know that I frown upon psychically reading people.  It truly is a violation of privacy.  In a nutshell, I am VERY psychic, however, I have spent many years working with spirit and learning how to respect, and honor the privacy of others.  In other words, I do not read people.  I do not violate private space.  This is sacred law, and as a medium, it is my responsibility to adhere to sacred law.  

As a medium, I allow the spiritual world to communicate with me through the spiritual link...basically we are plugged in together just as a lamp plugs into the wall to complete the electrical circuit that will then light up the lamp.   Through this process a powerful telepathic communication is formed.  I posses the gift of spirit communication.  This is a true medium.  It is my belief, that true mediums are also true empaths.  I use my common sense and deductive reasoning to come to this conclusion.  Without the gift of feel, without the gift of the empath, there would be a gap and a serious flaw in the process of spirit communication.  It is most important that we not glaze over this information.  

The reason is this; First of all, spirit, they are one with true knowledge, and they do not make mistakes.  The divine order of things is also perfection.  As such, spirit communication would not naturally posses a flaw in the process.  The reason there would be a gap, a flaw in the communication of the medium not possessing the gift of the empath is that it would make the read cold, uneducated and void of actual true knowledge of the events, past, present and future.  Unless you feel the physical and emotional experiences, you do not know them, and thus, you are simply doing the psychic read, and reading the energies of people, places, things, and the timeline.  This is not spirit communication, this is simply reading the energies.  Furthermore, everyone is psychic, don't forget, it is the soul that powers the body.  However, not everyone is a true medium.  

As an example, everyone does posses the ability to learn how to play the piano, and do it well.  Then there are those who are born gifted and they are music, it is their primary purpose and gift to the world.  In the same way, everyone can learn how to develop a communication with the spirit world (more to come on that, my teachings on following the spiritual bread crumb trail), but it doesn't make them a true medium.  They can learn how to connect with their loved ones who are on the other-side, yet, they will not be gifted in the way of delivering the messages as a medium to others.  Their spirit communication, it will be a personal experience, in the same way, one can learn and develop great skill as a pianist, yet, not everyone will be the master and deliver it to the world.

Angelic Communications

I enjoy the beauty of the angelic realms, however, the communication is not the same as is the communication with our loved ones who leave the physical realms and enter back into what we call the spirit realms.  The problem with this is there is not a way to validate the process of communication.  There will never be physical evidence to prove that the so called angel communicator is indeed delivering messages from the angels.  This is not to say that I do not believe in angelic communication, because as a sensitive, a medium, I do have this communication, yet, this is a personal experience deeply spiritual and founded in faith, hope and trust.  In order for the communication to be legitimate there must be a way to validate who the information is actually coming from.  Therefore, it really should be coming from someone on the other side that the sitter knows, and knew of personally.  This is of most importance.