Ever since I can remember breathing, I was music... my first awareness of this life was the beauty of the notes that immersed my soul with emotion.  From my first awareness I knew my mission and purpose in this life was to deliver beauty through my voice in song.  My dream was shattered at a young age and I turned the music off within me.  For many years I was and felt simply dead inside.  Life has a funny way of twisting and turning through the many roads we walk and these roads always take us to the point of our divine destiny, and for me it was the wind of change to the road less traveled.  Spirit taught me that my purpose and my voice could have power in many different ways and that it is truly the vibrational current of my soul traveling through my physical body that can deliver the same effect of healing, just as if I were singing.  It was on that day of change almost a decade ago that my journey began and I when truly accepted that I could find a way to heal people through the music and sound of my voice.  Even now I am blessed to use my voice to deliver words of healing to many who are grieving the loss of a loved one, I am a messenger, yet it is my voice that delivers the message.  I am thankful, and now, I understand the reason why.  

My life has never been what many may consider normal.  Yet, what is normal anyway?  Is there such a thing?  Normal for me has always been the overwhelming presence of spirit, those who have always been around me, yet others could not see. I was born this way, and because of experiences in my life, I have come to learn that there is a purpose within me that was born of these life experiences.  These experiences have been both good and bad, and I have come to learn that it is through these hard times that I have developed a wisdom of sorts. These experiences have given me the ability to help others through really tough and gut wrenching times of loss and despair, because I have been there too.  

You are welcome to come along with me on this journey of connecting to the world of spirit.  However, I must share with you one of the most important aspects of touching and connecting to the divine and universal knowledge.  In a way, there is a price of sorts, a key to open the door to your universal and spiritual connection. This price and what I have often thought of as an initiation into the world of spirit, this key, it is the one to open the door to your great within.  Many misunderstand what I speak of when I say go within.  It is simply this... Know thyself, and all will be revealed.  To know who you are, to understand the power of your lifetime of experiences this is the only way to the many who are across the veil and on what is known as the other side.  Through the guidance of spirit Project Spirit Life has been born.  The reason why?  Well, there are many.  The first of which is to help you help yourself.  To help you become your own hero in understanding that you are no longer a victim to your experiences.  You can use the darkness of your own life to heal yourself and then, to help heal others.

Spirit is always delivering to me a bread crumb trail to follow, and over the course of the last year they have been helping me to heal many pains of the past.  Through this particular bread crumb trail, I was guided to a song.  I have always loved this song, yet I looked at it as if The Reason was another who was in my life.  Spirit has a way of turning what we think we know upside down and to the reverse.  In this case, they did just that.  I want you to take a listen to the words in this song, and see if you can come to understand that the reason is you.  Hear these words and interpret these words as you are the one who has to save you, YOU are The Reason.  Take a look in the mirror and understand that only you can save you, only you can heal you, and only you can forgive you.  This is the hardest of all assignments that spirit will ever guide you through.  This is the wind of  change to the road less traveled.  Love, Pamela