Join Medium Pamela Theresa of Medium in the Raw and Paranormal Investigator Steve Christian of Local Haunts Tuesdays at est for a fun full hour of spirit communication, education, and healing.  

Pamela Theresa is a true medium and has connected hundreds of thousands of people to their loved ones who are in spirit.  Her show Medium in the Raw has aired in Jacksonville Florida on CW17 for three years.  Pamela has personally met with hundreds upon hundreds of grieving people and has assisted them to learn how to come to the awareness that spirit communication does exist.  Her style of delivering the messages from the other side is unmatched.  Her gift of lifting and teaching whilst at the same time delivering solid validations and information is absolutely amazing.  Now Pamela is sharing her gift with the world every weeknight at 8pm est on her YouTube Channel  Medium in the Raw

You can be a part of and watch in amazement as she connects hundreds of people with their loved ones live!  Join her on this incredible spiritual journey along with many others.  One of the most beautiful effects of the live show is that everyone who is present whether they be on the live chat on Youtube  everyone gets something as it is a group setting.  This live show is no different to the live shows that Pamela has done in person before large audiences of hundreds of people.  The effect is still the same, EVERYONE gets something.  If you would like to call in to listen or more important possibly get a read with Pamela the number to call 8pm est weeknights is 619-924-9850 and everyone is welcome!

If you miss the live show you can watch Medium in the Live episodes on demand on her YouTube channel.  

Spiritual Call to Action!  If you are one who has been touched by the spiritual work of Pamela, pay it forward and help your loved ones who are on the other side spread the word and healing to many others by sharing with your loved ones and friends who are still here in the physical about Pamela's work.  It is as simple as sharing this link and guiding them to check out her brand new on-demand and live shows right here: