Pamela Theresa, Touching Lives, Changing Lives

Pamela Theresa Touching Lives, Changing Lives

Known as Medium in the Raw, Pamela Theresa is a Physical Medium certified by the Morris Pratt Institute, an ordained minister , and has her Phd in Metaphysical Parapsychology.  She is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and has written her story in her book Diary of a Sensitive.  She has been featured in Buzz Magazine, Folio Weekly, First Coast Magazine, The Florida Times Union, First Coast News, The Morning show on News4Jax, and many other online features.  Her work as a medium is compared to none; not only does she deliver the messages from the other-side but she teaches those who come to her to come to the awareness that communication already exists.

Pamela Theresa and Steve Christian, creator and producer, have touched hundreds of thousands of lives through their TV shows Medium in the Raw and Local Haunts that air locally on CW17 in Jacksonville, Florida.  In fact Local Haunts was featured on the SyFy show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, and was proven to be FACT.

“Tears streaming down my face as happens often when I hear healing messages provided through you to anyone... I am a sappy soul and love to hear/watch others heal from grief. You are amazing my friend (even though i have never meant you ..YOU are my friend) and we are grateful much love and gratitude”
~ Michelle

“Thank you so much for including me and Joann in your program. Seeing it made me feel like she was here. Love you much, William Fabrizio. You too Steve!”

 She helps thousands of people using her natural gifts of spirit communication, that did NOT take years to develop--- she was simply born this way. She spent years in silent suffering trying to learn how to come out of the closet and share with others the messages from the ones in the spirit world whom were guiding her to speak her gifts.   

She uses her gift of spirit communication to spread the word that life after life continues.  Currently living in Jacksonville, Florida, she is a loving and compassionate woman with the remarkable ability to bring people to the awareness that spirit communication exists, and that it can be done on a daily basis using the spiritual bread crumb trail.

Many have been touched by the beautiful work of Pamela Theresa and have learned how to follow the spiritual breadcrumb trail.

“My experience was such a blessing. Breadcrumbs is how we found each other. My Mother passed suddenly and I found her. I felt for so long that she was not at rest. Pamela gave me confirmation that she transitioned to the other side. Not only did she do that but she kept telling me I had a brother that passed. I DO NOT have any brothers. I looked back through our session and realized she was right. I lived with a surrogate family when I was younger and She was my Mom her daughter was my sister and her SONS were my BROTHERS. Ron died in a car crash about 25 years ago so when she said brother I said no. She gave me info from him and about him. He just popped in and said hello. I cried when I realized he said hello. I could go on and on but I will suffice it to say that she healed my soul. Thank you Pamela Theresa.”  ~Diane Lorenz Hart (4/10/2017)

“I have known Pamela for a few years. She helped me so much after the passing of my youngest daughter. She helped me through those first years, with her encouragement, through her readings that my daughter was trying to let me know she had never left me. I had other loved ones come through and it is such a relief to know they are still here. I feel a cool breeze on my face , then again it may be a butterfly landing on my arm but they find a way to let us know if we just open our minds and believe they are there.  This sweet wonderful lady is the real deal. She taught me how to use the breadcrumb trail, so I know when my loved ones are near. Thank you Pamela Theresa.”  ~Pam McClellan (4/10/2017)

“I lost my 2 children 5 months apart from each other. I was not over the first grieving when i had to suffer another one. I was desperate to find something to prove that there was something about life after death. needed to know they were ok and somewhere.. so i started searching the internet for psychics , mediums or whoever could help me.  was finding nothing that helped. I was feeling so sad and just wanted to be with them. but i had My beautiful 2 grandkids i needed to take care of and i need them as much as they needed me.But i still needed to know where they were . one night i was on fb and Pamela Theresa medium page popped up on my page. she was doing a live reading on fb so i watched. the one i was watching amazed me. she was describing my daughter in so so many ways. even though she was not talking to me. I did not understand why she was describing my daughter to someone else. so the next night she did a live reading i called into her show and she did a reading with me, this time she described my son in many ways. I was like WOW. and starting to feel they are somewhere. also learned that when she does live reading it's for everyone that is there listening. so my daughter was there also. the first night i was just watching. Pamela has taught me how to look for breadcrumbs from all my family on the other side. which i do not have to look for them i just have to pay attention on what's around. sometimes out of place and you just know that it a sign from them . one time i found 2 dimes side by side right outside my bathroom door. strange place and so even together.  have had many other signs also.  I Know now that there is life after you leave this world and I can feel my Children and get signs from them. i will see them again when it's time.  Pamela is a great medium and and great Friend that continues to help me learn and feel my family on the other side. I still miss and feel the pain of losing my children, i  feel part of me will never heal.  but i know now that they are pain free , happy and are here around me to help. Which helps me a lot to get through.another day. If there is anyone that is out there that has gone through losing someone and needs help . Pamela Theresa is there for you. She is a Great Caring person, Thanks you Pamela and Steve.”  ~roxy taylor (4/10/2017)

“Hey Roxy,  You called me one night at 7:30 and told me to watch this medium named Pamela Theresa . Not sure of any of this stuff being a Skeptical Believer. Not having a computer i called into the show to listen. Well, Pamela called my number and read me. Now  I'm less skeptical and a Believer of Pamela. I went out and bought a laptop to watch the show. Now I'm a Follower, Believer, and of course not least Family with "Medium In The Raw". Pamela, Steve, and of course Roxy "my wonderful sister" THANK YOU.  I will always remember, feel, and know what you have done for me. Made my life a little brighter with the gift, the touch, and the love you share. Once again Thank You.” ~John (4/10/2017)

“My first session with Pamela Theresa was not because of grief.  I booked a session because I felt lost and stuck in my life.  I needed validation of what I have always thought was true - that there is life after life.  That first reading, receiving messages from my Heavenly Travelers, finally knowing for sure, changed my perspective about everything.  The gift of learning how to follow the Spiritual Breadcrumb Trail is a daily blessing that reminds me, even in the darkest times, that I am not alone.  I am loved, protected, and guided, if only I will pay attention.  I am now on the most magical journey I ever could have imagined because Pamela shared her gift with me. I have watched so many others receive the healing they need to continue on their journey with hope.  Love you! ~Susan Aranda (4/10/2017)

“I am a faithful watcher. My daughters have both called in and usually the messages from mom are related to me.  Breadcrumb trails have lifted me up and gave me something to look forward to like an adventure!!! Which i totally needed.. My latest breadcrumb trail was through the read with Katelynn Colunga. We live in Michigan so butterflies usually don't come around yet but yesterday my hubby video taped one in our garage. My daughter was here so we watched. I doubted it (yep because of weather) and watched it over and over. When Kate was leaving me and my hubby rewatched again and then i looked up and it was flying around me.. I just stood still and thankful.. Yes it was a beautiful butterfly all by itself!! No flowers in bloom or even close. Just us and this butterfly thanks mom!!!!”  ~Michelle Webb-Kinsey (4/10/2017)

“I had a read with Pamela that really changed my life in so many ways, She told me that my brother was showing her a picture of him in a red jacket, which was his Fica jacket, she told us things that no one else would know. The read gave me so much comfort and peace, and I can never thank her enough for that. She also told me that i was supposed to be painting, so I painted her a picture of an angel because that is what she is. And I am still painting today. If you need help coming to peace with the death of a Loved one, I urge you to call Pamela. She will help you more than you could ever know, Love ya'll” ~Connie Napieracz (4/10/2017)

“You have shed light on my life that brings closure. I can never Thank You enough” ~Vickie Moore (4/10/2017)

“I wanted to share my experiences. I have had several readings with you over the years. We have had group reads with family and friends, and last year it was just me! Highly recommend by the way. With me, I'm not really mourning anyone's passing, but my story is I'm just very interested in what you and Steve do. Also I always ask for a little insight into what is to come for me. At almost all the reads you have actually passed on information that did eventually come to pass, and I'm talking things way out of the spectrum of ordinary, everyday occurrences, To sum up, you have a wonderful gift and you also have an amazing (and funny) spirit! I'll be seeing you later this year for my birthday. Love ya honey!” ~Ruth Clark (4/10/2017)