The Paranormal Power Hour!

We are gearing up to PRESENT THE EVIDENCE to you, the viewer. This new season of Local Haunts will be LIKE NOTHING you have ever experienced before. If you are interested in learning all about the spirit world, you are in for a treat. Wet your paranormal whistle today and start by educating yourself by reading this article about physical mediumship from Pamela Theresa's Blog PROJECT SPIRIT LIFE.…/2015/3/4/physical-mediumship Two weeks from this coming Sunday on a new episode of Local Haunts you will see the evidence as it was captured in the photo that is on Pamela's blog. We are excited to bring to you THE PARANORMAL POWER HOUR on CW17 Saturday nights starting with Local Haunts at 12 midnight and followed by Medium in the Raw at 12:30am. You wont want to miss it!