A Different Way...The Way of Spirit

I have been there in the moment when the news, and the call to me was delivered of a loved ones passing.  This is the moment that changes everything.  My connection to the spirit world does not erase my physical, human reaction to this separation.  My awareness is now that my loved one has left the physical and entered into the eternal stream of being...life as I knew it is no longer.  They take with them a piece of me, a piece of my heart and a piece of my soul.  Once again, I am now one who walks in both worlds, that of the physical, and the one that exists... the spiritual world, because if I want to continue a relationship it now has to be done through the veil.  Each and every time someone I love has left the physical world, I become more attune to the assistance of the spiritual world and my life is never the same.  I stand in amazement of the way they still connect, they communicate but in a Heavenly voice.  They are very organized insightful and happy... I am joyful for their universal being, but I am sad that it has to be this way.  Although I have natural connection to the spirit world, I am not escape of this grief.  I feel it, I know it and I live it.  I miss my loved ones physical touch, I miss the hugs and laughter of the physical.  They tell me all of the time that their journey of the physical was complete and that I must complete my journey through life as well.  Although I understand and accept their words, and they do speak truth...it does not erase my grief of losing the physical touch and companionship...they filled my life, they were apart of my life and now I must learn to live with them in a different way... the way of spirit.  The purpose of me sharing my work as a medium is to bring to you the gift of spirit and that you too can learn to live in a different way...the way of spirit.  This belongs to all of us.


Pamela Theresa