Spiritual Development Course: Spiritual Awareness 360

I have created this spiritual workshop for everyday people.  As a medium I have worked with thousands of grieving people by delivering to them the messages from their loved ones who are on the other-side.  I've noticed one thing, everyone has communication with their loved ones and it's my job as the medium to bring them into the awareness that this communication exists.  Every single session I have had has revolved around the spiritual breadcrumb trail.  

Pamela Theresa, Touching Lives, Changing Lives

Known as Medium in the Raw, Pamela Theresa is a Physical Medium certified by the Morris Pratt Institute, an ordained minister , and has her Phd in Metaphysical Parapsychology.  She is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and has written her story in her book Diary of a Sensitive.  She has been featured in Buzz Magazine, Folio Weekly, First Coast Magazine, The Florida Times Union, First Coast News, The Morning show on News4Jax, and many other online features.  Her work as a medium is compared to none; not only does she deliver the messages from the other-side but she teaches those who come to her to come to the awareness that communication already exists.


Join Medium Pamela Theresa of Medium in the Raw and Paranormal Investigator Steve Christian of Local Haunts weeknights at 8pm est for a fun full hour of spirit communication, education, and healing.