About Steve Christian

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Local Haunts was always a passion for me.  I came up with the idea for the show in 1991. Long before I had ever heard of any other Paranormal Investigation show.  However, no one would take the idea seriously.  Then years later while recovering from a near fatal motorcycle accident, I saw a show on TV called Ghost Hunters from my hospital bed. At first I was mad that someone else was doing what I had dreamed of for years. Then that anger turned into happiness as I realized the time had finally come. The world was ready for the truth about the Paranormal.  I gathered a group and hunkered down to create the show in the fall of 2009 and launched it on air on Easter Sunday, 2010.  We had many adventures looking for evidence of the paranormal and found it everywhere we looked.  Even catching a full body apparition at the Florida Theatre.  That footage took Local Haunts to a national stage when Fact or Fake came out to try and debunk our video. They not only couldn't, but they captured evidence of their own that actually supported our video.  Local Haunts was legitimized on national TV. Fast forward a few seasons and I was introduced to the wonder that is Pamela Theresa.  I found out immediately that she was absolutely the real deal.  I had actually turned down six other mediums that had approached me to be on Local Haunts.  I turned them down thinking they were simply out for attention. 

 But Pamela was different. She didn't want to be on TV.  In fact, she wanted to do her work as secretly as possible. To help people both living and dead without cameras recording her good deeds.  I knew she had to be on TV.  There simply isn't anyone else I've ever met like her.  And I knew you couldn't keep that kind of gift in a closet.  It needs to be out for the world to see and share.   She reluctantly joined Local Haunts and now over 40 episodes later and counting, Local Haunts is truly unlike anything else on TV.  Simply put, we have the very best tool or instrument that no one else has. The true spiritual communication that Pamela Theresa provides.  Her gift (or as she calls it, curse) is for all of us.  Local Haunts is poised to be the premiere paranormal investigation program on TV anywhere.  And it all started in Jacksonville.  Thanks to the thousands of fans that have supported Local Haunts and now Medium in the Raw,  The Paranormal Power Hour. 

Steve Christian, Host & Creator of Local Haunts