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Starring Pamela Theresa

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Pamela Theresa debuted on Local Haunts in March of 2013 on CW17 in Jacksonville, Florida.  Fans wanted to see more of her gifts and so Medium in the Raw for TV was born May 1, 2013.  She used her gifts as a medium to connect people in the Jacksonville area to their loved ones on the other side.  She quickly gained recognition as being an incredibly gifted medium with a unique perspective and delivery of messages from the spirit world.  In total 71 episodes and 6 seasons of Medium in the Raw aired on CW17.  In 2019 Steve Christian and Pamela Theresa made the decision to move both shows, Local Haunts and Medium in the Raw to the world of online streaming, and to be featured on MediumintheRaw.com and LocalHaunts.show.

Pamela Theresa has touched thousands of lives near and far.  Her fame has spread through social media and she has read people from all over the world.

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Known as Medium in the Raw, Pamela Theresa has written her story in her book Diary of a Sensitive. She has been featured in Buzz Magazine, Folio Weekly, First Coast Magazine, The Florida Times Union, First Coast News, The Morning show on News4Jax, and many other online features. Her work as a medium is compared to none; not only does she deliver the messages from the other-side but she teaches those who come to her to come to the awareness that communication already exists.

Known as The Paranormal Power Couple, Pamela and her life partner Steve Christian created and produced two TV shows, Medium in the Raw and Local Haunts that aired in Jacksonville, Florida on CW17. Medium in the Raw 6 seasons, and Local Haunts for 9 seasons and have been a fan favorite for years. Together Pamela Theresa and Steve Christian work to help those who are guided in their direction to come to the awareness of the existence of the spirit world. In fact Local Haunts was featured on the SyFy show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, and was proven to be FACT. 

 “Tears streaming down my face as happens often when I hear healing messages provided through you to anyone... I am a sappy soul and love to hear/watch others heal from grief. 

 You are amazing my friend (even though i have never meant you ..YOU are my friend) and we are grateful much love and gratitude”

 ~ Michelle

 “Thank you so much for including me and Joann in your program. Seeing it made me feel like she was here. Love you much, William Fabrizio. You too Steve!”

 She helps thousands of people using her natural gifts of spirit communication, that did NOT take years to develop--- she was simply born this way. She spent years in silent suffering trying to learn how to come out of the closet and share with others the messages from the ones in the spirit world whom were guiding her to speak her gifts.

She uses her gift of spirit communication to spread the word that life after life continues. Currently living in Jacksonville, Florida, she is a loving and compassionate woman with the remarkable ability to bring people to the awareness that spirit communication exists, and that it can be done on a daily basis using the spiritual bread crumb trail.

 Pamela Theresa, is a true medium helping those dealing with tragic loss and repercussions of death delivering powerful evidence of spirit communication while teaching how to continue the everlasting communication without the medium. Her show Medium in the Raw aired on CW17 Sundays - and currently stream on the MITR website.


 “Pamela is an amazing and intriguing person! She "tunes in" immediately and will catch you by surprise. I can't explain it, but, she truly has a gift and is full of positive energy. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to talk to a medium, Pamela is the one. You immediately feel like you have a friend that you've known for years. She has helped countless of people thru their darkest moments. I've recommended her many times to friends, who have recommended her to friends, and so on!” ~Kim

 "Pamela was referred to me by someone I work with who has been a client and friend of hers for quite awhile. The timing was good as I had a personal loss and unanswered questions about what to do with their ashes. Pamela was extremely professional, knowledgable, sensitive and I could feel that she has a kind soul. Several relatives came through during my reading and there was no question in my mind based on the things she was saying that no one else would ever know, that her gift is solid and strong. It was an extremely good experience and I would go to her again." ~SM

 “Pamela is a very open and honest person. She is a very caring person. When I had the pleasure to speak with her I was totally shocked. When we talked it was as if we had known each other for a life time. I'm thankful that she was able to help my family in a time of so much pain. I would recommend Pamela to anyone that has a broken heart from a loved one passing. She is the real deal.. God Bless!!” ~Shari

 “Pamela is a valued intuitive. I have had consulted with her for many years, She is the best by far and I would use her services again. She is also an author and an exceptional writer. Her books bring you to the important part of relating to your inner self and her knowledge is superior to that of other in the same field. Pamela has also done a few readings for me and was very right on. She makes you feel at ease and always has your best interest at heart. I think you will be very pleased with the work Pamela Theresa has to offer. Don't waste time. Make contact today!” ~Denise

 "The most exciting times in my life are when I got a reading from Pamela right over the phone. The more open you are to receiving messages from any of your loved ones the better your reading will be. I cannot wait to have another reading because they help every part of my life always bring healing from my family members who have crossed over." ~Charlene


 "Hi Pamela. During our reading you mentioned someone in a red checked shirt. I came home and told my daughter N law and she pointed to a picture on the wall of my son in a red checked shirt exactly as you described it. Your amazing....I have had much validation Pamela. You speak of beautiful gifts but I believe one of those beautiful gifts my husband gave me was giving me a connection with you. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason and everyone that walks through our life and is placed there for a reason. You were placed into my life when I was in doubt about a lot things and gave me validation to many questions . For this I am truly thankful to you and will always call you my friend." Thank you for being a great soul. ~Wanda 

 “Pamela is and has been a wonderful teacher, confident, and guide. I have experienced the gift of having a conversation with my lovely father who passed in 2001. I have come to her for help and guidance in my own spiritual path for many years and she has taught me so much, helped me through so many hurdles. Words simply fall short in trying to voice my gratitude for having met Pamela and experience her gift of mediumship.” ~Toni