Steve Christina and Pamela Theresa

Thank you so much for taking time to visit our spiritual home online.  I hope that through your journeys of my website you find some of the spiritual answers you have been seeking.  I am a medium and it is my mission and purpose to connect you to the awareness that spirit communication exists, even for you.  It is the soul that powers the body, as such you to do have the divine connection with the spirit world.  Steve and I have been partnered up for four years and together our quest has been to educate, heal, and enlighten those seeking for all things paranormal, spiritual, and yet to be explained.  Our shows have aired on locally on CW17 Local Haunts (6 seasons) and Medium in the Raw (3 seasons) and it has been a wonderful journey.  Now we are so happy to share with you that we do go live every weeknight at 8pm est. on our youtube channel and facebook page.  You really don't want to miss the excitement!  We take callers and I deliver messages from the spirit world.  You can always shoot us a message, we love to hear from our viewers.    Love you.. Pamela Theresa and Steve Christian