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Pamela Theresa is the star of the TV shows Local Haunts and Medium in the Raw that airs on CW17 in Jacksonville, Florida Saturday nights at 12:00 midnight., Medium in the Raw is in its 4th season, and Local Haunts is in its 7th season.  She is a true medium helping those dealing with tragic loss and repercussions of death delivering powerful evidence of spirit communication while teaching how to continue the everlasting communication without the medium by learning how to follow The Spiritual Breadcrumb Trail. [about Pamela]

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HEAVEN'S WONDERLAND Watch and share thIs beautiful and moving short film dedicated to mothers and daughters everywhere. There wont be a dry eye in the house. A special thanks to Shelby who is a daughter on the other-side helping her mom Sabine, and Pamela bring this beauty to the world.

Starring: Sharon Wells Adamson Sadiqa Mokbel Dean Phillippi SR - Actor / Model James Acres Credits: Steve Christian Luke Loertscher Kevin Remington Savannah Huffingham Christine Johnston Granfield Alice Reed Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw

Music by Pink Zebra sung by Pamela Theresa

Thursdays @ 8pm est.

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Testimonials for Pamela Theresa by Beautiful People!

I am so blessed to meet so many beautiful people.  I keep a photo journal on Instagram of the many beautiful souls I am privileged to deliver messages to.  Here is my Instagram if you would like to follow my incredible journey. 

I am also very blessed that many of my clients have taken the time to write to me to share with the world the experiences they had with me during a session.  Click here to read all of their beautiful Incredible Experiences.

The Heavenly Traveler Premiered at Sun Ray Cinema in Jacksonville, Florida. 


Pamela Theresa's Book, Diary of a Sensitive