Pamela Theresa, CW17's Medium in the Raw Delivers Healing Messages and Touches Lives with an Amazing Gift of Spirit Communication. 

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Season 3 CW17's Medium in the Raw Starring
Medium Pamela Theresa

Watch Medium in the Raw Saturday nights at 1:00 am on CW17 Jacksonville Florida

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Season 7 CW17's Local Haunts Starring
Steve Christian & Pamela Theresa

WATCH Local Haunts Saturday nights AT 12:30 AM ON CW17 JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA

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FAQ's & Information about Scheduling time with Medium Pamela Theresa to Connect with your Loved ones  who are in Spirit.

Pamela Theresa Private Session

Private Session $200.

As a Medium, Pamela Theresa meets privately with many who contact her to connect with their loved ones who are on the other-side.  It is a one hour session and you can share your session with one loved one.  The session is $200 for one full hour with Pamela Theresa.  

Small Group with Pamela Theresa

Small Group Session $100 per guest.

Medium Pamela Theresa will amaze you and your friends with her gift of spirit communication.  There is so much beauty in connecting with loved ones who are on the other side with friends and family.  Small group sessions $100 per guest and is two full hours of spiritual fun.


Host a Large Group Session $80 per guest.

You can be the host to a beautiful evening with spirit.  Invite all of your friends and family.  It is a spiritual and fun event.  Ten or more $80 per guest and three full hours with Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw.


On Location Live Events with Pamela Theresa $40 per guest.

Quite often Pamela Theresa goes out on location and hosts large public group events.  She has hosted live events at The Alhambra, The Florida Theatre, 927 Events and more.  She has also hosted meet and greets where she offers mini reads to the public, recent locations: Eco Relics, 33 Star, CW17 Studios and Papa Lee Studios.


Schedule A Session with Pamela Theresa

As a Medium, Pamela Theresa meets privately with many who contact her to connect with their loved ones who are on the other-side.

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On Location filming for Medium in the Raw

Filming for Medium in the Raw, The Heavenly Traveler which Premiered at Sun Ray Cinema in Jacksonville, Florida. 


Watch Full Episodes of Medium in the Raw that aired on CW17 Jacksonville, Florida

She is Dedicated to Serving Others.



Join Pamela Theresa, Medium in the Raw and Steve Christian of Local Haunts for a special night! We are R.O.A.R. Raising Our Awareness Rapidly against drugs. 

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Join hosts Steve Christian and Spiritual Medium Pamela Theresa with Kevin Remington, Savannah Huffingham, and Luke Loertscher as they investigate locally haunted areas.  They bring a unique style of investigation and validations of evidence for proof of the Paranormal.